The Real Estate Developers Association of Hong Kong (REDA) and Hong Kong Construction Association (HKCA) joined together and rolled out a Safety Partnering Programme (the Programme) in August 2005. The Aims of the Safety Partnering Programme are to bring up the safety performance of the private sector to the standard afforded to public sector contracts and to facilitate a cultural change in the construction industry so as to provide a safety environment that equals the world’s best practice.

The objective is to achieve:

  • Zero fatal accidents
  • Zero dangerous occurrences


An accident incident rate comparable to Working Bureau yearly target, with an aim to achieve a figure of less than 10 per 1000 workers by 2008

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In order to accomplish this objective, members joining the programme will implement a “Pay for Safety System” and adhere to the “Construction Safety Handbook” issued by REDA/HKCA. The member site will also be subjected to half-yearly inspection and assessment by an independent auditor.


Y Y Wong Safety Consultants Limited was appointed to be the administrator of the REDA/HKCA Safety Partnering Programme. The administrator will provide counselling to all scheme members in relation to joining and implementation of the partnering programme, pay for safety system; safety implementation; safety inspections and reporting of accidents.


Interested persons can download the following procedures and forms:

Procedures for REDA/HKCA Safety Partnering Programme

Registration Form – SPP01

Monthly Report of Accidents – SPP02

Sample inspection checklist


For detail, please contact The Real Estate Developers Association of Hong Kong (REDA) and Hong Kong Construction Association (HKCA).