YYWong Safety Consultants Limited partners with Reliable Construction Engineering Company on various construction projects. Together we provide effective and professional project management to meet our clients’ special needs and requirement. Our tailor-made approach has been proven not only efficiently addressed client’s demand but also resulted in positive and effective outcome.
Reliable Construction Engineering Company  (Registration No: MWC 308/2015)

Established in 2015, Reliable Construction Engineering Company is registered as Class II and III Minor Works Contractor under the Hong Kong Building Department. Through our experienced and professionally qualified staff at Reliable Construction Engineering Company, we have developed and diversified our construction project work into different specialties in the construction field.

Our main services:

  • Solar Renewable Energy (RE) Project
  • Addition and alteration works (A & A)
  • Structural (Concrete) Repair Works
  • Waterproofing Works
  • Mandatory Window Inspection Scheme (MWIS)
  • Civil Works
  • Minor Works include: Alteration and Addition Works, Repair Works, Works relating to Signboards, Drainage Works, Works relating to Structures for Amenities, Finishes Works, Demolition Works