Injured whilst caring objects & striking against objects
A male worker's feet was pressed by 5 tons marbles

An industrial accident occurred in the Kung Um Road Yuen Long on 16 April afternoon.  A male worker surnamed Ng (45) stood on the rear place of a crane and carried about 25 pieces large marble with 5 tons weight and 8 ft by 10 ft) into the warehouse. The marbles accidentally overturned and pressed Ng's feet. Fireman rushed to the scene and sent Mr Ng to Tuen Mun Hospital for treatment. After initial investigation, the incident was not suspicious and the case listed industrial accident.


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Exposure to fire & explosion
Help workers fight the fire and intensify the fire

A 62-year-old male worker was burned in an industrial accident at a construction site at the Tai Wai Shopping Mall and was staying at hospital for treatment. On 7th April, when a male worker suspected refill water to a bottle which suspected containing flammable liquid before, suddenly cause fire to his left arm. In the meantime, another worker was suspected picked up a plastic bucket to fighting the fire, unexpectedly made the fire intensified, suddenly the whole body on fire.


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Exposure to fire & explosion
An explosion happened while a worker dig and damage the underground

At 12:17 pm this afternoon (7th) at a water supply site in Yuen Long, a male worker surnamed Liu (61) suspected of burning his face and hands while using a breaker to dig and damage the underground and an explosion suddenly happened.


The male worker was taken by ambulance to Po Oi Hospital for treatment, and after a preliminary investigation, the police believe that the incident is not suspicious and the case is listed as an industrial accident.


Source: Please refer to the Chinese version. 

Other News
Support measures coverage expands

Support measures of the Anti-epidemic Fund will be extended to the construction industry, the Development Bureau announced today. Under the new arrangement, the support measures will cover construction workers with valid registration in a specified period under the Construction Workers Registration Ordinance. 


The workers are those who are engaged in small-scale works outside construction sites, such as those involved in renovation, repair and maintenance.  The support measures will also cover small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) consultants which are company members of professional institutions and associations.


Each eligible worker will receive a subsidy of $1,000 and each eligible consultant will get $20,000.  The bureau expects that the new arrangement will further benefit about 240,000 construction workers and 400 SME consultants to help cover their extra expenses in enhancing anti-epidemic equipment amid the outbreak.


The bureau and the Construction Industry Council will announce the implementation details shortly.


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Fell from height & strucked by object
The male worker of the TKO-LT Tunnel was killed by the I-Beam

The construction site of TKO-LT Tunnel happened an incident this morning (31) .  A male worker surnamed Lai (37 years old) was working, a 17-metre long and 1.3-meter wide I-beam suddenly collapsed during the suspension and hit Lai's head and body.  fell in a coma and his workmate call alarm.  The injured person was taken to hospital by ambulance, with no resuscitation. Police investigations were followed by industrial accidents and the case was not suspicious and the Labour Department has sent officers to the scene to investigate the cause of the accident.


Source: Please refer to the Chinese version