Press Release from The Labour Department
Government appeals to employers to make arrangements to reduce risk of spread of novel coronavirus in community

In relation to a mandatory quarantine on all people entering Hong Kong from the Mainland, the Government appeals to employers to work out necessary arrangements in consultation with their employees working across the border.

With effect from today (February 8), the Government issues quarantine orders to all people entering Hong Kong from the Mainland, including Hong Kong residents, Mainland residents and visitors from other places. People concerned shall stay at home or other accommodation for a 14-day compulsory quarantine. For those entering Hong Kong via other places, if they have been to the Mainland in the past 14 days preceding arrival at Hong Kong, mandatory quarantine will still be applicable upon their arrival. To ensure that freight between Hong Kong and the Mainland would not be affected, the Government will exempt people in the relevant businesses and work who need to frequent between the two places from the mandatory quarantine. The Department of Health (DH) will arrange medical surveillance for persons under the exempted categories in the Compulsory Quarantine of Certain Persons Arriving at Hong Kong Regulation during their stay in Hong Kong.

     Where an employee has contracted a disease, the employer should grant that employee sick leave in accordance with the requirements under the Employment Ordinance or the relevant employment contract. If an employee is required or ordered by a Health Officer to be put under quarantine, he will be issued a medical certificate. We encourage employers to be considerate and show understanding to such employees' situation and make flexible arrangements, including where practicable allowing employees to work from home or granting paid leave to them. This will help maintain good labour-management relations and protect the health of all the employees as well as the community. For enquiries on employment rights and benefits, please call the Labour Department's 24-hour enquiry hotline at 2717 1771 (the hotline is manned by 1823).    


Source: Press Release from Labour Dept dated 8 Feb 2020

Fell from height & strucked by object
Fatal accident : A driver was hit and killed by a dump truck

A fatal accident occurred in Tung Chung at about 12 noon today ( 6 ) when a mud-to-mud vehicle drove into a separate site at 1 Yingkang Street and accidentally crashed into a light goods vehicle parked at the site . Paramedics reported to the scene to take the injured to hospital for treatment, and eventually died. After preliminary investigation, the Police concluded that the case was not suspicious and was listed as an industrial accident and that the cause of death was to be determined by a post-mortem examination.


Source: Please refer to the Chinese version

Fell from height & strucked by object
Serious accident - Yuen Long forklift falls over pit canal Worker's head soaked in mud

There was a serious industrial accident in Yuen Long. Today ( 22 ) at about 2 pm , a logistics company in Yuen Long, surnamed Leung ( aged 32 ) worker driving an electric forklift to move a batch of goods at the edge of the canal , the forklift lost control and fell into the ditch , the forklift then turned over , the beam was crushed and his head was submerged in mud . Workers saw and call the police.  The ambulance arrived and sent it to hospital.


Source: Please refer to the Chinese version

Exposure to fire & explosion
Cutting oil drum with chainsaw causing explosion and a male worker got injured

On 18 January afternoon, when a male worker surnamed Lai (aged 61) cut an oil drum with a chainsaw and the oil drum was suddenly explosion.  Worker’s left hand was injured and bleeding, and fell into a coma, while another worker surnamed Chan (aged 64) was unwell in his eyes and his workmate was alerted.  Ambulances were called to the scene and two injured people were sent to hospital for treatment.  It was believed that the case was not suspicious and was listed as an industrial accident.


Source: Please refer to the Chinese version

Fell from height & strucked by object
Fatal Accident - A male work was trapped by a crane

A fatal industrial accident occurred in Quarry Chung today afternoon, a male worker surnamed Mr Wong (57 years old) working in a redevelopment site at Westlands Road, was accidentally caught by a mobile crane.  Wong was trapped between the crane tail and the fence, suddenly can not move, workers see the alarm. Ambulance personnel arrived at the scene and sent to hospital for treatment, after rescue confirmed to die. It is reported that Wong is a handyman and was carrying out a foundation project at the time of the incident. A spokesman for the Labour Department said that he was concerned about the accident and had immediately sent staff to investigate the cause of the accident and had issued a supension notice to the contractor concerned to stop the use of mobile cranes in the area of the site until the contractor had taken steps to eliminate the hazards.


Source: Please refer to the Chinese version