Injured whilst caring objects & striking against objects
Male worker crushed by pallent nailing machines at TST construction site

On 3rd December around 1:35pm, a Pallet nailing machines driver at the construction site at No. 11 Middle Road, Tsimshatsui suddenly turned over. A 44-year-old male worker named Mr Au is pressed and injured his head, chest and feet.  His co-worker was shocked when he saw this and immediately rescued the victim. The ambulancemen arrived, fixed the injuries for the victim, put on a neckband and rushed to Queen Elizabeth Hospital for treatment. After police investigations, it was believed that the incident was not suspicious and listed as an industrial accident.

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Exposure to fire & explosion

On 20th November 3pm, a technology company at Yuen Long Industrial , three male workers used a vacuum cleaner at the site to repair a gold dissolving machine. It was suspected a vacuum cleaner suddenly malfunctioned and explosion.  During the explosion, one male worker surnamed Mr Leung (60 years old) burned of hands and feet, and the other two male workers surnamed Mr Lam (32 years old) and Mr Wong (23 years old) accidentally fell and burned during the explosion.  The male worker (63 years old) was shocked when he saw this and hurriedly called the police for help.

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Work Injury Case Reporting & Compensation
Exposure to fire & explosion
Biodiesel company on fire and 3 people are in critical condition

Tseung Kwan O Industrial Estate, today (30th) at 5 pm, a bio-diesel company fired a second-level fire. Fire and ambulance personnel rushed to the scene to save, and the incident caused two workers to burn.


It is reported that the workers involved in the workshop were carrying out routine maintenance work at the 2nd floor of the factory building. During the period of welding and repairing the outer layer of an industrial tank, they suddenly exploded and rushed to the fire. In the incident, one of the male workers (24 years old) surnamed Yung (24 years old) was burnt, nearly 70% of the body burned, and another male worker named Chu (57 years old) was also seriously injured. He must wear an oxygen mask to help with breathing. 2 people were awake and sent to Queen Elizabeth Hospital for treatment. 


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Injured whilst caring objects & striking against objects
Ceiling material falling and hitting worker's head

At 11 o'clock in the morning, a decoration worker was demolished in a separate house at 2 Ka Tak Road, Ho Man Tin. Suddenly, material fell from the ceiling and hit a Sri Lankan worker David (58 years old). ), his head and chest were injured, fell into the coma, and the workers immediately called for help. David was accompanied by a worker and was taken to the hospital by an ambulance. The rescue situation was critical.


Source: Please refer to the Chinese version