Fatal accident - A worker hit by a ton of frozen meat and fell down to the bottom of ship
Fell from height & strucked by object

A fatal industrial accident occurred on Stonecutters Island on 23 October afternoon. At about three o'clock in the afternoon, a group of frozen meat was hoisted from the shore on a ship in the public cargo loading area of Ngong Wan Road.  During the period, a wind and waves of the suspected sea surface were so large that the ship was swaying, and the frozen meat in the lifting was also swing. The worker named Cheng (40 years old) who was in charge of the "watching position" on the ship was suddenly hit by a ton of meat.


Cheng lost balance and fell to a three meters deep of the bottom of the ship three meters deep and headshot blood . The workers saw and called fireman for help. After the preliminary investigation, the police believed that the case was unquestionable and was classified as an industrial accident.


Source: Please refer to the Chinese version