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Improper operation of packing machine caught female right forearm

A female worker in Kwai Chung was accidentally bitten by a machine. On the scene, the Hongda Industrial Center, 21st to 33rd, Dalian Road, at 4 o'clock in the afternoon, a female worker (45 years old) surnamed Zeng (45 years old) was responsible for cleaning a packaged sushi in a food processing factory on the 13th floor of the site. When the machine was suspected, there was no one to shut down the machine. Suddenly the machine started. The female right forearm was caught by the roller. The moving bullets were not painful. The workers found that the machine was immediately turned off and the police called for help.


Source: Please refer to the Chinese version 

Fell from height & strucked by object
Fatal work accident - A man fell down from 4th floor

The Labour Department (LD) is investigating a fatal work accident that occurred in Cheung Sha Wan this morning (January 26), in which a worker died.

The LD immediately deployed staff to the scene upon receiving a report of the accident, and is now conducting an investigation to look into its cause. 

Fell from height & strucked by object
Hotel cleaner arrested after pedestrian killed by falling window on busy Hong Kong street

A Hong Kong cleaner was arrested on Monday after a 24-year-old mainland Chinese woman was killed by a falling window from a 16th floor hotel room in the city’s busy shopping district of Tsim Sha Tsui. 


Source: SCMP dated 21 Jan 2019 

Press Release from The Labour Department
Employers and workers of construction industry urged to observe work-at-height safety

The Labour Department (LD) is highly concerned about the recent spate of serious accidents related to work-at-height in the construction industry and reminds those working at height to pay special attention to work safety.

A spokesman for the LD said today (January 21), "Four workers fell and unfortunately died while working at height in the past few weeks. The LD is highly concerned about the situation. Apart from issuing Work Safety Alerts and Suspension Notices to stop the related work processes, the LD has launched a special enforcement operation focusing particularly on high-risk operations such as scaffolding work."

 "The LD, jointly with the Occupational Safety and Health Council and other stakeholders of the industry, is actively organising a seminar on work-at-height safety. We will invite various stakeholder groups from the construction industry to take part in order to alert them to the potential risks involved in work-at-height and remind them of the necessary safety measures. Furthermore, the Department will continue to promote work-at-height safety messages through various media channels and platforms," the spokesman added.

To prevent workers from falling from height while working, employers shall appoint a competent person to conduct task-specific risk assessments to identify all potential hazards associated with the work, taking into account the nature of work and the work environment and, according to the results of the risk assessments, formulate safe systems of work which comply with the relevant safety legislation. Main considerations include:

  • Ladders should generally be used for ascending and descending only. Using them for other work is unsafe and should be avoided;
  • Provide workers with suitable working platforms and ensure their proper use by workers. Use of boatswain's chairs is strictly prohibited;
  • Workers should put on suitable safety harnesses, which shall be attached continuously to a suitable and secure anchor point, an independent lifeline or a fall-arresting system, when erecting, dismantling and using a truss-out bamboo scaffold; and
  • Safeguard all unprotected floor openings or other void spaces at construction sites by erecting suitable guard-rails or placing coverings to prevent workers from falling through them inadvertently.

Both employers and employees are responsible for ensuring work safety to prevent accidents from happening. Employers are required to comply with the relevant safety regulations and implement safety systems of work, including providing workers with sufficient safety equipment and ensuring its proper use by workers. At the same time, workers are also required to follow the safety work procedures as stipulated by employers, including proper use of safety equipment. Workers should report any unsafe working condition to the LD (telephone number: 2542 2172) as soon as possible.  The LD will take follow-up action as soon as possible to ensure workers' safety. 


Source: Press Release of The Labour Department - 21 Jan 2019

Fell from height & strucked by object
Construction worker dies after falling from height in PLA’s Stonecutters Island barracks in Hong Kong

A construction worker fell to his death while working in the Stonecutters Island military barracks on Saturday, police said. Police received a report at 5.38pm that a man, surnamed Lau, 43, had fallen from height at a construction site inside the People’s Liberation Army barracks.


“The man was found unconscious and certified dead after he was sent to Princess Margaret Hospital,” a police spokeswoman said.  Police have classified the case as an industrial accident. The Labour Department, which sent staff to the scene, said it was looking into the cause of the accident.


Source: SCMP dated 12 Jan 2019