Safety Auditor Training Scheme (SATS) – Intake 31 (Full)



Aims and Objectives


The objective of the Course is to provide participants with theoretical and practical training as a foundation for them to acquire the competence and skills required for conducting safety audits efficiently and effectively under the Factories and Industrial Undertakings (Safety Management) Regulations. After completing the course, participants will be able to put their knowledge into practice in their workplace.




Programme Structure


The course is divided into three stages. 


Part A: Safety Management (Total 33 hours/11 lectures)


Part B: Safety Auditing (Total 27 hours/9 lectures)


Held on every Tuesday & Friday evening (7:00 pm – 10:00 pm)


The lectures will be presented in Cantonese with English terms. Handouts will be in English.


Part C: Audit Project (45 hours)


To be completed within 6 months including the preparation of audit plans, audit reports and an oral presentation of the audit findings.




Course Examination


Total Duration 108 Hours




Assessment Criteria And Award


The passing mark for the project and examination shall be at least 60.




Students who have satisfactorily completed the programme with an attendance of not less than 75% of the lectures and have fulfilled the above examination and project requirements will be eligible for the award of a Certificate of Attainment in Safety Auditing Training Scheme.


 * Students who fail the abovementioned requirement please note “Other Information”




Course Consultant


Dr. Y Y Wong                   


PhD, Master App. Sc (Safety Mgt), GDAS(OHS), B.Sc.(Civil Engg)






Date of Commencement


7th January 2020 (Tuesday)


Part A – 7th January to 18 February 2020


Part B – 21 February to 20 March 2020




Course Fee (Divided into 3 installments) - TOTAL HK$12,500


1st installment


On or before 3rd January 2020

2nd installment


Before 18th February 2020

3rd installment


Before 27th March 2020




The payment for the course fee will be divided into 3 instalments. Please complete the enroll form and return it with enclosed cheque for 1st instalment at the amount of HK$4,000 payable to “Occupational Safety & Health Management Institute”. Full refund will be made for unsuccessful applicants.




Other Information


To obtain an award of Certificate of attainment, students are required to pass both Examination and Audit Project and with 75% lectures attendance.




If any student fails the course examination, he/she can apply for a re-examination in the next intake. A re-examination fee HK$800 will be charged for administration cost. If the student fails the re-examination, he/she will be disqualified.




If the student still failed the safety audit plan and/or safety audit report, the student will be disqualified or he/she may apply for deferral to next intake. A re-assessment fee HK$4,000 will be charged for administration cost. If the student fails the re-assessment, he/she will be disqualified.




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